Objectives / Mission


The specific objectives, related to the region and industry profile, are as follows:

  • supporting SMEs with domestic capital to develop own products / technologies, with high added value;
  • increasing the value of investments in the IT&C industry in the North-Eastern Region;
  • increasing innovation and RDI activities in Region, so that all four universities will be classified in the first group of value for the romanian universities;
  • increasing the number of employees in the IT&C sector in the Region;
  • supporting the development of new SMEs in order to diversify their activities to high added value sectors and support for technology transfer;
  • increasing the employment of the active population in the field of IT&C through appropriate training and specialization programs, including by curricular adaptation of the Bachelor’s and Master’s specializations to the requirements of the business environment in the Region;
  • increasing the volume of trade relations and interactions between members in order to capitalize on local products/technologies;
  • providing support and technical support to cluster members to access new customers, new markets, and marketing and internationalization to increase exports;
  • support to integrate the principles of sustainable, sustainable and intelligent development into the development of cluster companies.


The overall vision of the EURONEST Regional Innovative Development IT&C HUB’s Strategy is based on the desideratum of the North-East Region’s competitiveness growth through: (1) supporting the development of a sector that has not only one of the highest innovation potential but also the advantage that it is indispensable to the smart development of all other economic sectors (the infrastructure of the future), (2) as well as by making new investments and technology transfers, and (3) by intensifying the collaboration between RDI / universities and IT&C companies for the development of joint fundamental, industrial or experimental projects research.

EURONEST Regional Innovative Cluster IT&C HUB will be one of the most dynamic clusters on the eastern border of the European Union, a promoter of a sustainable, intelligent and inclusive economic model, which optimally leverages the local and regional resources, transforming the North-Eastern Region in an area of IT&C and applied research under the motto We make IT in North-Eastern Romania!


EURONEST Regional Innovative Cluster aims to work on the basis of the concept of place based competitiveness, capitalizing the specific opportunities in the North-East Region in terms of qualification of the labor force and concentration of the providers of higher education, transforming them into local advantages within an integrated framework.

Consequently, based on proximity, the following SMART strategic objectives were outlined:

  • capitalize on the IT&C potential and increase the competitiveness of the IT&C sector both at regional and national / international level by creating products / processes / technologies / own systems, added value and innovation, resulting in an increase in the cumulated turnover of the present and future members of Cluster;
  • facilitating the generation of own products and implementing innovation to existing products / processes by increasing the quality of qualified human resources and stimulating research and technology transfer;
  • increasing company mergers in supplier chains and promoting cluster’s image to internationally brand.